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Crashing? Can we still make Atlantic City?

by Christopher David Petersen
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  • Rating: 8 / 10
  • Length: Novella
  • Words: 18,800

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This is a true accounting of one of my flying adventures over New England(US). All seemed right until all seems wrong... Flying at night, over water, in clouds with heavy rain is the not a good time to lose engine power.Thankfully, I had Bob along.3k word, short story

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I thoroughly enjoyed this. The author puts you neatly in the pilot seat, sharing the cockpit with the less-than-clued-up Bob. The writing style is engaging, and the short story draws you in nicely once it starts, but this does assume you get past the first page. There are a few noticeable typos, including one on the first page, that could put readers off. These are what earned it four stars, rather than five. If you stick with it, it will take you for a short but enjoyable trip.

The sample chapter after it (reading on Smashwords) was a surprise: it was longer than the story.


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