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Harrier Jump Jet -- A history

by peter dancey
  • List Price: $2.99*
  • Rating: 6 / 10
  • Length: Novellette
  • Words: 13,700

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The book traces the early experiments and develoments associated with VTOL The development of the Pegasus engine to power Sidney Camms P.1127 VTOL fighter. Early interest and acceptance of the type into USMC service ahead of the RAF. RAF and FAA operations in the Falklands War, the first combat operations by a VTOL aircraft. Sea Harrier F/A-2 and MDC/BAe Harrier IIs for the US Marines and RAF.

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A brief but detailed history of the Harrier Jump Jet. Well-researched, with details of other attempts to develop VTOL aircraft, it is an interesting read. As well as an overview of the Harrier itself, and the various different types and operations undertaken, there are comments on how it is used in the field, operational support and more. As a research aid, this is (like most of Peter Dancey's work), worth a look.

While the content is interesting and well-written, the major problem with this book is the formatting. It lacks either first line indent, or a line between paragraphs, which means in places it can resemble a wall of text, and a few of the page breaks seem a little odd. I was viewing the epub from Smashwords, so this may be foxed in other editions. Also, and this is nit-picking, there is no cover image for the ebook.


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