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Kittyhawk Pilot

by Michel Lavigne
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  • Rating: 7.3 / 10
  • Length: Novel
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This is the true story of "Stocky" Edwards, Canada's top living fighter pilot. The story begins in Battleford, Saskatchewan where Stocky grew up. During his childhood, shooting partridge, and working hard, Stocky learned the lessons that would serve him well during the Desert War. This is the incredible story of a young Canadian who goes to war and becomes a superior pilot and leader of men.

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In some ways this book struck me more as a history of Second World War aviation through the eyes of one man, than a traditional personal memoir. While it is titled Kittyhawk pilot, the pilot also flew aircraft including Spitfires, Hurricanes and Tempests. From flying in Africa, to Italy, to tipping V1 flying bombs to stop them reaching London, "Kittyhawk Pilot" covers many of the roles aviation performed in the Second World War.

I was reading this book from interest, and I will admit I skim-read several sections. Between the anecdotes, it goes into great detail about missions flown, including lists and dates. I can't mark it down for this, because for anyone using the book for research, this level of detail would be invaluable. The photographs at the end are a nice touch.

As a research aid, an insight into the life of a Kittyhawk pilot, and a look at the second world war, this book is five stars. If you are looking purely for entertainment, that rating would probably drop slightly. However, for a free book, this is an unexpected gem.


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