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Casey Hunter Project PHOENIX

by D K Conn
  • List Price: $0.00*
  • Rating: 7 / 10
  • Length: Novel
  • Words: 63,000

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Casey Hunter races stuntplanes. So what does he know about time travel? When a secret government organisation uncovers a plot to change the outcome of the second World War they need the best pilot they can find. Casey gets a crash course on dogfighting and space-time physics before being sent back to save the world.

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Casey Hunter is an Australian stunt pilot who gets caught up with a hidden government project trying to prevent time-travelling Nazis from altering the course of the Second World War.

Personally, I enjoyed this book. The story is fairly simple, the good guys are boldly good and the evil guys are hissably, and obviously, evil. While on the ground, the characters are only briefly sketched out and some of their actions do not make much sense. The story comes alive when the planes are in the air and the descriptions pull you along with the pilots, as they twist and turn. The mechanics of the time travel are, perhaps wisely, kept in the background, as are the brief details of the two competing forces and perhaps more could have been done with the effects of altering history, but these are minor points that don’t detract too much from the novel.

This book is best aimed at those looking for a light, fun read with plenty of aerial action.


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