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Air Travel Adventures

by Stephen M. Fry
  • List Price: $3.99*
  • Rating: 10 / 10
  • Length: Novella
  • Words: 38,500

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Air Travel Adventures: Tales of a 5-Million Miler is a collection of hilarious but true stories based on 30 years of travel by Stephen M. Fry, Ph.D. These stories are told from the perspective of a frequent flier who has taken nearly 3,000 flights and accumulated more than 5,000,000 miles on American Airlines. They include funny, sad, interesting and stupid experiences while flying to U.S. and international destinations, and how the author came to fly so much. Tips and tricks for air travelers, insights into the workings of an airline, and what some frequent fliers will go through to maintain their elite status in the airline clubs are presented.

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