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Standing Guard

by VH Folland
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  • Rating: 9 / 10
  • Length: Short
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Flying home from their display seems a perfect time for Jim to train his wife on radio procedures. An SOS on a non-aviation channel was the last thing he expected to hear. The laws of sea and air are clear: the person who receives a distress call is bound to assist.

Even if they are in a very old aircraft, over a very large ocean, looking for a very small boat.

Standing Guard is a short story, set the season after Fire Season.

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After returning from a flying show, the crew of a Shackleton hear the distress signal of a capsized yacht. With no one else in the immediate area, they have a few hours to try and locate it before night arrives and they have to leave.

Although only a short story, it feels much longer as the tension builds onboard the airplane with nightfall approaching. You can feel the frustration and nerves of the crew building, as they have to decide what course of action to take and the consequences of doing so. I would have preferred a longer story and perhaps a little more description of what was going on, but I still very much enjoyed it.

Standing Guard is the short story follow up to Fire Season following the same characters. Although it is useful to read the original story, it is not necessary as they are still well realised.


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