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Understanding Flight, Second Edition

by David Anderson, Scott Eberhardt

Discover how planes get, and stay, airborne with this intuitive introduction to basic flight mechanics.

Get to the heart of how planes fly. Never before has it been so easy to grasp how planes fly! Of keen importance to pilots, essential to engineers, and intriguing even to the earthbound, the principles of flight are often parroted but widely misunderstood. Now you can be among those who truly get it. The simplest way to master an understanding of the science of flight. This enlightening book helps you bypass common distortions, misconceptions, and half-truths and genuinely understand how aeronautics works. This book gives you brain- and gut-level understanding of what gets you up there and keeps you up there! * Explains flight in simple, intuitive terms * Spares you misinformation and confusion—this book gets it right and tells it right * 100 high-impact illustrations show you lift, propulsion, and design at work * Provides practical insights pilots can use for improved performance and safety * Demonstrates the why’s and how’s of wing shape, plane construction, flight testing, and high-speed flight * Written by pilots (one a physicist and the other a professor of aeronautics) * Perfect for beginning pilots

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